* Analog to Digital 
  12 Bit resolution, 4.096V reference (1m V/count)
* Digital to Analog
  12 Bit resolution, Voltage output (0-4.095 V)
  Current output (0-20 mA)
* Digital Inputs   TTL Logic levelsDiode protected
  Current limited
* Drivers
  1 Amp transistors, 60V max Vce, 
  2500 V optical isolation  

The µ-I/O peripheral board gives users the ability to add analog inputs and outputs, digital inputs and isolated high current outputs to the popular µFlashTCP single board computer.

Each µ-I/O board adds 4 channels of 12 bit A/D, 2 channels of 12 bit D/A, 4 output drivers and 8 digital inputs. The board installs easily to the back of the µFlashTCP single-board controller with a short ribbon cable and standoffs. If more I/O is required, several boards can be added to the system. A library of C and QuickBasic functions is supplied to eliminate the hassle of programming devices on a serial bus.

µ-I/O Peripheral Kit (99-0030) includes the µ-I/O peripheral board, interface cable, shells and pins kit, standoffs, and manual.
µ I/O - $107.00 (Quantity 1)
µ I/O Development Kit - $117.00 (Quantity 1)
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