The Multi-I/O peripheral boards give users the ability to add analog inputs and outputs, UART capability (for GPS or modem) and isolated high current outputs to the Flashlite 386Ex, LogicFlex, or µFlashTCP single board computers.

Available in several configurations, each Multi-IO peripheral board can add up to 8 channels of 12 bit A/D, 4 channels of 12 bit D/A, 8 output drivers and 2 UARTs. The Multi-I/O board connects to a Flashlite 386Ex SBC with a 8 pin to 10pin interface cable or to the LogicFlex and µFlashTCP single board controllers with a 10 pin ribbon cable. If more I/O is required, multiple boards can be added to the system using 10 pin IDC style ribbon cables. A driver library with functions callable from C or QuickBASIC and example programs are available to eliminate the hassle of programming devices on a serial bus.

NOTE: The Multi-I/O peripheral boards are 4.2" x 3.6", the same form factor as a Flashlite 386Ex or LogicFlex embedded controllers. Although the board is hardware compatible with a µFlashTCP single-board controller, it is not the same size and may not package easily.

The available versions of the Multi I/O peripheral board and features are listed below:

Multi-I/O 4240 (84-0021) 4 A/D, 2 D/A, 4 Relay Drivers

Multi-I/O 4241 (84-0022) 4 A/D, 2 D/A, 4 Relay Drivers, 1 UART

Multi-I/O 8482 (84-0023) 8 A/D, 4 D/A, 8 Relay Drivers, 2 UARTs

Multi-I/O Peripheral Kits (99-002199-002299-0023) include the Multi-I/O corresponding peripheral board, interface cable, shells and pins kit, standoffs, and users manual.
* Analog to Digital     * Digital Inputs
  12 bit resolution   TTL Logic levels
  4.096V reference (1m V/count)         Diode protected and current limited
* Digital to Analog     * Drivers
  12 Bit    1 Amp transistors
  Voltage output (0-4.095 V)         60V max Vce
  Current output (0-20 mA)           2500 V optical isolation
Multi-I/O 4241 - $131.00 (Quantity 1)
Multi-I/O 4240 - $107.00 (Quantity 1)
Multi-I/O 4240 Peripheral Kit - $114.00 (Quantity 1)
Multi-I/O 4241 Peripheral Kit - $138.00 (Quantity 1)
Multi-I/O 8482 Peripheral Kit - $198.00 (Quantity 1)
Multi-I/O 8482 - $191.00 (Quantity 1)
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